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The Strategy of Backlinking

Backlinking is simply a term to describe website links to or from a web page, or website. The obvious assumption is that backlinks create and ease navigation. This is quite true, but in actuality, backlinking is much more important to search engine optimization (SEO). Information is available that tells us that the number of backlinks of a website or page is a most important factor in determining search engine relevancy and rank.

Although the next logical conclusion would be to maximize these links. This should be done only with careful consideration. The term “link farm,” has been used to describe an exploitation of the technique of backlinking. Many website and web pages, were created with just links to create the perception that a website had much more links by linking to and from these link farms. Note that the search engines caught on to this very quickly. The search engine algorithms are designed with mechanisms to determine whether the backlinks are valid, or just a cover for a link farm.

On that note, be sure to maximize your backlinking but be aware that your links are relevant and are set up appropriately. Your goal is to create an effective, intuitive site for your visitors. There are many tools available to check for and monitor a website’s backlinking. An easy way to create some relevant backlinks is to create relevant links across your websites. For example, link your Facebook site to your LinkedIn site. Adding relevant backlinks not only maximizes SEO efforts but also increases visibility and credibility with the search engines and your potential clients.

Be careful not to use only white hat techniques when creating backlinks White hat techniques follow the rules and create backlinks naturally, over time. Black hat techniques like buying backlinks and hiring someone to create backlinks just to try and deceive the search engines into granting you more relevancy, is something to avoid. At One Stop Tech Shop, we only offer services that utilize white hat techniques and SEO strategies. We feel that although some black hat SEO tactics could seem beneficial, over the long run it is not worth the risk. Using black hat SEO strategies can cause a lot of damage and come with some potentially severe penalties.