Technical Training

Technical Training HelpLooking for technical training? Need some help with a computer application or technical topic? We do much more than just web design. We offer technical training on various topics. From introductory to advanced technical training, One Stop can help.

We are available for personal, group training and corporate presentations at your choice of location in the Hampton Roads area. We also offer technical training via online remote connection and telephone throughout the United States. If you want some customized technical training, just ask. We can create something just for you.

We Want To Empower You! Technical Training By One Stop Tech Shop

We would rather give our clients a fishing pole instead of a handful of fish. We know that if we empower you with the skills you need that knowledge will last you long into the future.

Technology is so advanced today. As a result, everyone can benefit from becoming a little more intuitive about how our websites and our online interactions in social media fit into the big picture of the Internet’s search engine rankings. For business owners, learning a little more about what the search engines are looking for and how to leverage the social media sites is crucial information.

Technical Training, Search Engines & Flat Tires

Most of us learn to change a flat tire sometime in our younger years. As automobiles are a part of our everyday lives, most of us have had experience with at least a few flat tires. Whether we personally changed those flat tires or not, from our life experience we know when a car gets a flat tire and we know what it takes to change a flat tire. Let us now apply this analogy to the search engines.

Today, we practically live on the social media sites and breathe the air of advanced technology every day. Can you say that a day has passed where you did not search for something on the Internet? How many times over the course of a week do you text, or tweet, or post something out on the Internet? It is interesting how much we can use a technology yet not have much understanding of how it works.

Today, most people still do not have any idea how the search engines work. This is not an isolated trend. People also do not know that many of their Facebook profiles are inadvertently open to the public. They do not realize that their home or business internet router does not have a password on it, or that their e-commerce website is not using the proper security and protection of their client’s data is at risk.

Our Technical Training Topics

Empowering our clients to help themselves is one of the most rewarding things we experience at One Stop Tech Shop. We love to give our clients a few tips, cut them loose and watch them do great things. At One Stop, we succeed only when you succeed. Let’s have some fun and learn something new! What technical training topic do you want to learn?
Some of our specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • Website Design (various platforms)
  • Website Training
  • WordPress Specific Training
  • Website Photography and Edits
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Graphics Editing and Optimization
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Our Most Commonly Requested Technical Training Topics:

  • How to Maximize Your Online Presence
  • Website and Hosting Basics
  • How to Build an Effective Website
  • Website Tips for Business Owners
  • WordPress Training
  • Website Evaluation and Consultation
  • How to Start Blogging
  • Search Engine Basics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips
  • Graphic Optimization
  • Information Assurance
  • How To Leverage Social Media
  • Social Media Tips and Etiquette
  • How to Avoid Email Scams and Phishing
  • Computer Security and Information Assurance

We can help with various other platforms, applications, topics and issues. Just send us the details and we will talk.

Other Technical Training Services
We are pretty much the typical geeks so this means we have lots of other technical skill sets that can come in quite handy. Some of the other technical services we offer are listed below.

  • Computer Builds, Upgrades and Repair
  • Home Networking Evaluations, Upgrades and Repair
  • Professional Opinion For Your Next Computer or Laptop Purchase
  • Troubleshooting Home and Office Computer Problems

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with a technical issue that is not listed on this website. Many times we can reply via email with some information to help solve your problem. As always, you can count on a free initial consultation.

Technical Training: We All Need To Know More!
The point is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Frankly, there are just some things that logically make sense to know about. Everyone needs to know a little bit about how the search engines work. Business owners need to know a lot more about how the search engines work. This is just a fact and we need to adjust to leverage the search engines to our advantage and also be able to deter us from harm.

Logically, since the Internet search engines are so much a part of our everyday lives, would it not make sense to start learning about them like we did our automobiles? The search engines are not going away and their algorithms will continue to get more complex over time. At One Stop, we know everyone can benefit from a little technical training. Just a little bit of technical training can get you quite far.

It is about time you knew a little more about how all this works. If you are a business owner, it is valuable information and a good strategic move to know more than your competition. Let us help you understand a little more about how things work and stay ahead of your competition.

Request some help from One Stop Tech Shop today.

Have Confidence In Yourself – We Do!
Most of our clients underestimate their ability to grasp basic technical training topics. They come to us knowing they want to learn but they do not have the confidence in themselves that they will be able to understand the subject. That is ok and normal to feel that way. Let us assure you, from what we have seen, we can almost guarantee you are underestimating yourself. Frankly, all of our technical training students have achieved a higher level of skill and understanding that they ever thought they would accomplish and in short time frames.

Technical skills are easy learned and can be taught to most anyone. Of course, the sacrifice is a little bit of time and certain levels of patience. If patience is lacking then we just break the topic down into smaller subtopics. We have full confidence that you can do whatever you set your mind to achieve. Most people are naturally more technical than they realize.

Face it – we live in a world of computers, smartphones, smart TVs, computer controlled temperature in our homes. We all get through each day using all these electronic devices and computer equipment and social media. Our brains have been trained for it and we adapt well. All you have to do is want to learn, and One Stop will help get you the training you need to achieve your goals.