Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic Design BrandingWe offer more than just website design services. We also offer graphic design and branding services. This allows us to service client graphics for standalone projects for logos, advertisement or promotional design.

Clients needing full website builds, or graphic updates or optimizations have the luxury of not having to hire a separate graphic designer. As we are a “One Stop” shop, this gives our clients the assurance of no information gaps, or need for you to be the middle man and have to communicate technical issues between companies.

Online Graphic Design, Logos & Print Graphics

Our past graphic design work experience has a large focus on building online projects with images optimized to load quickly yet still display visually pleasing. We specialize in online graphic design, color, size, positioning, depth, file format, load time and visual presentation.

Our specialty on our offline graphic work is to create the desired impact, high quality, deep color and depth, transferable file format and printing and display issues. We have created websites where we designed every graphic and we have done isolated advertisements flyers for mailers, and everything in between. Not sure if you are going to be able to meet your next graphic design project deadline? Send us the details and we will see how we can help.

What About That Graphic Design Project?

We are not just web designers and web developers; we wear many hats. The key to being able to efficiently design a website is to have both a website designer and a graphics designer, or graphic artist. The next goal is to get them to work fluently together while building your website. As we are a “One Stop” shop, we have both expertise in-house. Not only that, both our website designer and graphic designers are trained to think outside of the box, and keep in mind to design in a way that will complement their team member’s design efforts.

We can help you with:

  • New Graphic Design
  • Existing Graphic Design Edits and Touchups
  • Graphic Design Optimizations
  • Photography Editing and Resizing
  • Graphic Design Professional Consultation

We love the small graphic design projects as they are usually quick and easy to knock out compared to full website builds. Many times clients request graphic design projects with short deadlines, and most times we can deliver in those short time frames. Some times we cannot. Of course, let us know the details right away, so we can get started on your upcoming graphic design project.

Graphic Design & Branding

When you start a new business and throughout the course of running your business, you will need some sort of graphic branding work done. Every company needs a logo. If you already have a logo, you will find times where you need that logo edited. You may need your logo totally redesigned, or maybe just recolored, resized, or touched up for a special promotional product or advertising event. You may need something designed for print or for online viewing. Looking for branded materials? We can help you with the following, and more:

  • Custom Logos
  • Restaurant or Event Menus
  • Trifold Brochures
  • Specialty Handbooks
  • Online Advertisements

Need someone experienced in designing logos, brochures, menus, handbooks and other advertising materials. Look no further. One Stop Tech Shop can help with all your graphic branding projects. Contact us with the details for a free project estimate.

Graphic Design Optimizations For Your Website
As we are graphic designers, we are fluent with the current tools and technologies to do most requested photography edits. If you are using pictures on a website, you need to be sure they are optimized to load quickly.

Optimizing a picture means making the file size of the picture as small as possible without degrading too much quality from the picture. This is done by determining the largest size the photography will display and then degrading the picture quality down to a size for fast loading. Since we do this with almost every picture we put online in our website builds, this is a common task in the office.

Whether the picture final will go on a website, or be printed out for distribution, we edit accordingly. At One Stop Tech Shop, we have the tools and skills to professionally optimize your photographs.

Photography Edits & Fun Pics
As many know, and some may not, it is difficult to increase quality in a low resolution photograph. Regardless, all of the photography edits that we have completed have been done to desired quality, or better. We can touch up that wrinkle in your shirt collar, color coloring and even remove or insert objects into your digital pictures.

We also make “fun” pictures. For example, putting a family pet’s face in place of a family member or famous person in a chosen photograph. Or, editing a photo to make it look like one’s dog is in a squirrel costume. Other common requests we have receive are to remove red-eye effects, correct lighting, and even remove that ex- from the family portrait. Another project we worked was to add a grizzly bear in the background of some camping pictures to show a friend that missed the camping trip. The fun pictures can be anything you can imagine.

Have a photograph that needs any of the below, or looking for something unique? One Stop Tech Shop can help with all your photography edits and fun pics.

  • Lighting and Exposure Corrections
  • Object Removals, Additions, or Fixes
  • Resampling, Sizing or Proportion Edits
  • Special Effects or Other Manipulations
  • Fun Family and Pet Pictures

Be sure to check out our portfolio for some of our recent graphic design, branding and other portfolio work. Contact One Stop Tech Shop today so we can get started on your graphic design and graphic branding project!