Web Design Services

Web Design ServicesWe offer web design services for your new and existing online projects, locally in Virginia Beach and the surrounding Hampton Roads area and remotely throughout other areas in the United States. We also offer related web solutions and products needed for a complete solution. We will handle your project entirely, build it and hand you the reins, or we will work with you at the level of participation you choose. Just tell us what you need.

It is no fun to try and make a decision about something you do not understand. We know that most people, especially small business owners do not have the time to sit down and figure out what they should and should not do when it comes down to building a website and knowing how to interact on online to help rise in the search engines.

At One Stop Tech Shop, we go out of our way to make sure your options are clear, whether we have to use analogies like “horses,” “cars,” “houses,” or “fishing,” or draw pictures (yes, we have done them all!). We will do what it takes to help you understand what you need to know to make informed decisions about your website design and online presence.

Responsive Web Design Services

The latest trend is Responsive Web Design and that is what most clients should be working in today to pass Google’s most recent mobility testing tool. Mobility alone is not enough. At One Stop, we focus on creating web designs with a solid, fast loading code structure. We use our focus on responsive web design technology combined with this Content Management Software (CMS) structure (ex. WordPress) and strong internal SEO to maximize your potential to rise in the ranks. This minimizes dollars spent on any Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or other external advertising campaigns.

“One Stop” Web Design Services

Our web design services are tailored to your project specifications. Many other design companies offer standardized design packages with features that you do not need, or without features that you do need. We do not put you in the uncomfortable position of trying to squeeze your well rounded projects into square solutions and paying for unused features. At One Stop Tech Shop, we just do not work that way.

We offer a “one stop” solution. Between our hands-on design services and our Storefront products, we offer all tools you need to achieve a complete web solution. From domain name selection, to hosting, security, maintenance issues, and more we have got you covered.

Web Design Services Pricing

An estimate for cost depends on your goals, situation, plans and strategy. Our process is to first, gather your project and situation information and perform an analysis. Cost can only be determined after factoring in these project variables. For this reason, we offer free initial consultations, so that you can get a better idea of where you stand and where we think you need to go. We offer you our technical viewpoint, so you can have this information to help you make your decision as to the way ahead.

If you do not fully chose the offered best solution, we will work with you to cater services to fit your constraints. If we cannot work within your constraints, or if we feel that your chosen efforts will not be justified value for your money spent, we will make sure you understand how we came to that conclusion. Regardless, you will gain a professional technical opinion as to your online status and your suggested way ahead at no charge.

Our goal at One Stop Tech Shop is to offer you a complete and effective web solution with the ease of “one stop” for all project needs and spare you the headaches. We tell you like it, cut through the confusing information, and give you your options in an easy to understand format. We want to go above and beyond your competition, and ours, to make sure you achieve your online goals and return to One Stop Tech Shop for your web design and development needs.